6 Types of Bridal Bouquets

A guide to 6 types of bridal bouquets by shape and style to help inspire your wedding floral wishes.

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Today’s bride embraces showcasing their style through their bridal bouquets and is only limited by their imagination. To help you choose which style fits your personality and wedding theme best, we’ve gathered 6 types of bridal bouquets by shape and form to inspire everyone from the classic to the modern bride.

Cascade bouquets

Created by arranging florals so they create a waterfall shape cascade bouquets are a great choice for all types of flowers from garden roses to lilies. These bouquets typically feature drapey greenery such as seeded weeping eucalyptus adding to their overall dramatic effect making them the perfect fit for a traditional bride although this classic shape also lends itself to a more modern interpretation through using non-traditional greenery accents such as scented geranium greens and a more free-style tear-drop shape.

Images left to right: Creamsicle orange and cream roses and eucalyptus cascade bouquet created by From the Ground Up Floral, Courtney Bowlden Photography; White Phalaenopsis orchid cascade bridal bouquet created by Flora Nova Design; Springtime Cascade Bridal Bouquet featuring snapdragons and scented geranium stems created by Tobey Nelson Events, Alante Photography

Presentation bouquets

Also called pageant or arm bouquets, presentation bouquets are designed to be resting in the bride’s arms. and often are seen featuring long-stemmed flowers such as roses and calla lilies. However, we are seeing a more modern interpretation taken with this shape with florists creating them with long flowering branches, such as cherry blossoms or playing with color to create ombre effects. This bouquet is a hit with the trendy bride or those who what to step outside the traditional wedding style.

Images left to right: Pink and plum presentation bridal bouquet created by Leah Erickson Floral, Audrey Norman Photography; White branch single flower presentation bridal bouquet created by Botanique, Blue Rose Photography, planner Simply by Tamara Nicole; Ombre arm bouquet created by Gather Design Company, Anna Peters Photography

Posy Bouquet

Posy or nosegay bouquets are a great way to make a big statement without going physically large in your floral arrangement. These bouquets feature a small bunch of flowers, sometimes with added bits of greenery, and are perfect to hold in just one hand. These bouquets are a great choice for a vintage wedding and younger bridal party members. They can feature just one type of flower or be an arrangement making them very versatile and budget-friendly.

Images left to right: White Cosmos Posy Bouquet and blue, white and pink seasonal spring floral posy bouquets created by Gather Design Company, The Ganeys Photography

Hand-tied bouquets

Based on the French tradition of gathering and tying flowers, hand-tied bouquets feature a more organic arrangement of blossoms that are tied together with a ribbon. This arrangement features the stems as apart of the overall look and can be held in one hand. These types of bridal bouquets are a great choice for a bohemian bride or for outdoor wedding settings.

Images left to right: Red and dark purple hand-tied bouquet created by Fena Flowers, Alante Photography; Peach hand-tied bridal bouquet with raw silk ribbon created by Leigh and Mitchell; Crescent hand-tied bouquet image by Jenn Tai Photo Artistry

Round & Pomander Bouquets

Round bouquets are just that, round in shape, and typically feature just a few flower types in the same color or hues and very little, if any at all, greenery compactly constructed. This bouquet is a more structured version of posy bouquet and often features blooms that themselves are also round in shape like dahlias, ranunculus or anemones. This is “the” classic style of bridal bouquet which fits perfectly for the traditional, formal bride and church ceremony.

Round bouquets are not the same as a Pomander bouquet, despite their round appearance. A pomander is a ball of flowers, typically featuring the same flower, but are arranged in floral foam that hangs from ribbon or twine. These bouquets often are adorned with colorful jewels or pins. Traditionally used for flower girls the pomander is gaining popularity as it’s a unique and charming way to add interest to your wedding, perfect for the bride who doesn’t want to carry the traditional bouquet in her hands keeping her hands free to greet guests.

Images left to right: White peony round bridal bouquet created by Fena Flowers; Red pomander bridal bouquet created by The Petal and the Stem

(The Modern) Single Flower Bouquet

The modern single flower wedding bouquets features a bunch of the same type of flowers gathered together. This versatile arrangement lends itself to a contemporary, edgy, yet effortless elegance style and is the perfect choice for the bride who wants to walk down the aisle with her favorite flower. Magnolia branches, lavender stems, or hydrangeas are all excellent choices however, literally any flower would work.

Images left to right: Gold, cream and green feathery modern bridal bouquet created by Wedding Wise, image Sarah Carpenter Photography; Pink Magnolia blossoms and branches bridal bouquet by Gather Design Company, image Allen Tsai Photography

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6 Types of Bridal Bouquets

A guide to 6 types of bridal bouquets by shape and style to help inspire your wedding floral wishes.

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