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I'm a wedding & couples photographer who delivers candid, emotional images that will last a lifetime.

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    Jamie Buckley Photography congratulates you on your upcoming wedding, it’s a pretty exciting time huh?

    I’m a wedding & couples photographer that delivers candid, emotional images that will last a lifetime. I pride myself on inclusivity and making your day entirely about bringing your session to life exactly as you imagine it. Your session should never be about me but about collaborating with you and bringing my artistic vision to you.

    Jamie Buckley Photography offers wedding, couples, boudoir, and family photo services throughout the Western Washington area.

    Capturing someone’s wedding day is an honor I don’t take lightly. I know there are a lot of choices out there, especially in a city as creatively saturated as Seattle so I would first of all like to take the time to thank you for considering me.

    I love capturing weddings. A lot of the time when people talk about weddings it’s with dread or sarcasm. How overwhelming they are, how stressful they are, how expensive they are. It’s true, they can be all those things, but they are also magical, exciting and full of love. You didn’t just decide to throw this party to spend a bunch of money, it’s because you want to stand in front of your nearest and dearest and tell them how much you love the person you are marrying. You want to point at them and say “that one? They’re off the market now because they are mine.”

    Okay maybe you’ll not say it like that but weddings are about sharing an amazing day with your amazing tribe and my task in all this is to capture your amazing day for you to cherish forever.

    I’ve been capturing weddings since 2016 and I still have the same enthusiasm for it as I did the very first wedding I shot. As cheesy and cliché as it sounds: I love love.

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